Join Sierra Foothill Iris Society

Membership in the Sierra Foothill Iris Society (SFIS)  is on an annual basis and runs January to December. Renewals are due January 1st of each year. New Members joining after June pay one-half of the current fees. The current rate is listed below.              Payment can be mailed to the Treasurer, Bob Matherly.
Membership is SFIS provides the opportunity to meet other people  interested in Iris.    SFIS purchases recent introductions to grow and  distribute to members.   The club has an annual Iris Show under the rules of AIS.    We encourage member to become AIS judges and participate in our  activities.
Make check payable to SFIS      $10 member   or  $15 for family

TO: Date: _________

Bob Matherly
5550 Meadow Croft Lane
Pilot Hill, CA   95664

NAME (S)___________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

City / State/ Zip _____________________________________________

AIS member Yes ____ No ____

To join American Iris Society,            write a separate check to AIS

This includes a printed magazines 4 times a year

Single: $ 30 per year or $ 70 for 3 years
Dual: $ 35 per year or $ 85 for 3 years
Youth: $ 8 per year (no bulletin) or $12 per year (with bulletin)

New way to receive AIS magazine is by emembership.
Emembership allows you to receive AIS magazine by email only
Cost is $15 per year. This also includes membership to
Iris register — a place to look up an iris for the registered information on iris.

Web address for Region 14 is:
Web address for AIS is     You can also join AIS online.

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